J. Douglas Uffen, P. Geoph. (APEGGA) P. Geo (APEGBC)

An honest, passionate and highly creative geophysicist / manager that integrates his technical knowledge, business acumen and strategic vision to successfully add value, utilizing communication across multi-disciplinary teams to mitigate drilling risk for new exploration opportunities and optimizing production development.

Work Experience

Reflection Peak Enterprises Limited (REPL) Calgary, Alberta / 2002 – 2007

Title:President / 2010 – present

Responsible for all financial reporting, licence to practice, and all technical aspects


  • Provided executive and technical  level interpretational expertise to several international junior start-ups
  • Proved the value of geophysics to define geologic lithologic edges in a conventional play and geo-steered a 6 and a subsequent 8 well drilling program, resulting in 4 of the original 6 wells being top 10 IP30 producers in Alberta.  Work has continued with yet another 8 well expansion program and a micro-seismic study.
  • Proved the value of geophysics to define compressional structuring in Upper and Lower Montney,   selected drill locations and pad locations, and  combined it with Coherence, curvature and a Poisson Ratio interpretation depicting stratigraphic variance, while also acquiring micro-seismic data  to gain insight for selecting frac ports and affecting well completion design.
  • Performed a reservoir Characterization study including a petrophysical classification of rock lithology to define and high-grade 10 new drilling locations for a client in India.
  • Conducted a 2D interpretation in Algeria resulting in the recommendation to drill a wildcat exploration well which was economically successful
  • Post a corporate merger for a major oil company, conducted an asset property review interpretation consisting of 4 3D surveys and approximately 3,000 kilometers of 2D data in a 5 month period, resulting in a catalogue listing of opportunities and several proposed drilling locations
  • While a co-owner of a subsidiary firm, Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd., performed due diligence assignments for NI51-101 reserve audits, Reserve Assessments, Initial Placement Offerings (IPOs) and share financings, performed interpretive projects for a variety of junior oil companies within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin as part of an exploration team for hire.
  •  Performed technical interpretation for a domestic client that resulted in 29 of 30 exploratory / appraisal wells being cased for future completion
  • Created Geo-Reservoir as a wholly owned subsidiary of REPL and practiced through this entity for 3 years, then shut down due to oil price collapse in Q1 2015.

Canoro Resources Limited / Calgary, Alberta / 2007 – 2010

Title: VP Geoscience, Officer of the Company

Responsible for all aspects of geology and geophysics, play generation, strategic planning, third party opportunities evaluations, exploration drilling program design, regulatory consultations and compliance, partner and investor presentations, Board presentations, press releases and supervised up to 8 staff members domestically and internationally 


  • Drilled 2 successful Barail wells, re-established production from a shallower zone and added a  newer deeper producing zone, resulting in production additions from 500 bbls/d to 1100bbl/d
  • Recommended investing in compression to raise reservoir pressure of a retrograde gas condensate field above dew-point and to strive for positive corporate cash-flow
  • Conducted a post-mortem of drilling results and performed two Pre-Stack Depth Migrations and additional reservoir characterization to revise the geologic model  accurately depict reserves to mitigate future drilling risk
  • Co-authored a Plan of Development document and identified key targets for another round of drilling activity 

Conoco Canada Limited / Conoco Canada Resources Limited / ConocoPhillips Canada Limited / Calgary, Alberta /  2001 – 2002

Titles : Chief Geophysicist , April 2001 – August 2001

Exploration Manager, Western Canada New Ventures, August 2001 – March 2002

Chief Geophysicist, March 2001 – October 2002

As Chief Geophysicist, lead a community of 40+ professional staff, reviewed plays and economic evaluations to provide consistent risking, made technical and economic recommendations and influenced exploration strategic planning.

As Exploration Manager, started a New Ventures Exploration group that reviewed the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin for potential, high graded opportunities, and initiated a “Big E” exploration program.


  • Initiated the G&G mapping of four play trends within the WCSB and initiated prospect generation along those play trends that met corporate criteria for reserve additions and economic criteria
  • Served on a rotational basis as Deputy Incident Commander for the Emergency Response Team
  • Possessed a $ 5M signing authority by Conoco Canada, $ 1M by ConocoPhillips.
  • Undertook a forensic accounting exercise to correct the corporation’s exploration accounting records after the merger, to facilitate more accurate reporting, budgetary management and forecasting.
  • Chaired a Software / Database Rationalization Committee which recommended a methodology and approach for streamlining geological and geophysical workflows and reducing overhead costs by $1 million dollars
  • Initiated and negotiated the contract terms for the purchase and acquisition of $20M worth of Foothills 3D seismic data.
  • Instituted monthly geophysical meetings to share knowledge amongst the community.

Canadian Forest Oil Ltd. / Calgary, Alberta / 1997-2001

Title: Chief Geophysicist
Conducted seismic interpretations and geophysical operations, responsible for seismic budgets, AFE accruals, departmental computer planning, data management, pathfinding new plays and participating in corporate evaluations.  In addition, supervised a group of professional full-time employees and part-time consultants with support staff. 


  • Recommended whipping the P-66A well in Fort Liard which was press released as flowing after stimulation at 24 mmcf / day.
  • Recommended the drilling of N-01 in Fort Liard which was press released as flowing from three Mattson zones at 49.7 mmcf / day.
  • Assisted with numerous third party play evaluations, one being Cutpick ( Grande Cache ), which became a core property for the company, netting 30 mmcf / day production by the end of 2001.
  • Recommended and assisted with numerous corporate evaluation and acquisitionss, resulting in the purchase of Saxon Petroleum, Anschutz Canada and the N.W.T. assets of Unocal.
  • Orchestrated and initiated a seismic database clean-up which streamlined operations, resulting in a one year cost recovery through a 250% increase in data sales.
  • Upgraded computer software and hardware, coupled with a Y2K plan, to further maximize data workflows and data management.

Boyd PetroSearch / Calgary, Alberta / 1995 – 1997

Title: Senior Geophysicist

Performed seismic interpretation and play evaluations for domestic and international clients and provided technical training for international clients


  • Performed a commercial interpretation of the Blackfoot multi-component 3C-3D survey on behalf of 22 sponsoring companies and the CREWES consortium at the University of Calgary and received Honorable Mention for Best Paper at the SEG in 1997.
  • Working alongside Chinese Nationals, conducted a 2D data interpretation and regional basin analysis of two regions within the State Province of Jiangsu

Home Oil Company Limited / Calgary, Alberta / 1986 – 1995

Titles: Geophysicist, Senior Geophysicist, Staff Geophysicist

 As an Exploratory Geophysicist, conducted play and prospect generation along with making recommendations for data acquisition, data processing, data purchases and land sale purchases.

As a Production Geophysicist, conducted development and exploitation geophysics for 28 core production properties.

As an Exploration Advisor, acted as an internal resource person / consultant / instructor, kept abreast of geophysical technology, evaluated new methods and performed advanced interpretations in AVO, VSPs and electro-magnetics.


  • As a Production Geophysicist, fourteen operated locations drilled ( 12 successful ) from 51 mapped and recommended drilling locations, fifteen non-operated locations endorsed, 8 of 9 were drilled successfully.
  • As a Development Geophysicist, recommended drilling three wells ( one vertical and two horizontal wells ) at Swan Hills Unit #1 with an initial cumulative gross production of 2600 bbls / day, resulting in an initial 10% unit production increase and received two Best Paper awards at industry forums.
  • Recommended drilling four exploration wells at Umbach with initial cumulative gross production of 150 bbls / day oil and 9.5 mmcf / day gas, making it a new core property for the company.
  • Was instrumental in the corporation maximizing value at Caroline which was sold for a 40% return.
  • Recommended drilling a well that tested 36 mmcf / day from the Swan Hills formation at Caroline.
  • Drilled the discovery well in Caribou Hills which tested 1.5 mmcf / day from the Grosmont.
  • Developed a new Performance and Development process and form that was more responsive to performance management and aligned with corporate values.
  • As a member of a “Skunk Works” group, recommended a strategy to exploit reserves about core properties which later became my mandate, culminating in a transfer to the production department.
  • Chaired a committee that guided the development and data clean-up of a digital shotpoint database.
  • Drilled a Jean-Marie discovery gas well in Shekelie and scoped the potential at Peggo / Pesh that initiated the corporation’s aggressive development program.

General American Oils Limited ( Phillips Petroleum ) / 1984 – 1986

Titles: Geophysicist, Staff Geophysicist

Performed structural and stratigraphic seismic data interpretation, prospect generation and made recommendations for land purchases and drilling locations


  • Drilled a successful Gilwood oil well on the Peace River Arch that spurred further exploration activity.
  • Drilled a successful Sulphur Point oil well near the Shekelie basin.

Texaco Canada Resources Limited / Calgary, Alberta / 1982 – 1984

Titles: Geophysicist I-II

Interpreted seismic data, performed seismic modeling, initiated seismic acquisition programs, and made recommendations to management.


  • Interpreted, mapped and recommended 14 drilling locations for Glauconite oil and gas in Southern Alberta.
  • Recommended half a dozen locations at Blueberry for gas potential just prior to deep rights reversion.
  • Interpreted, mapped and drilled my most expensive dry-hole of my career in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and learned how to deal with failure.


1978 – 1982 B. Sc. ( Hon ) Geophysics with a Geology minor
The University of Western Ontario
London ,Ontario, Canada

A multi-faceted geophysical consulting company based in Calgary AB. Canada