Industry and Related Courses

The following is a list of courses Doug Uffen has completed throughout his career.

Managing Volunteers, Larry Herd CSEG foundation, August 2015

Introduction to RokDoc, March 2013

Rock Physics, November, 2012

Seismic Geomorphology, November 2011

Geo India Conference, September 2008

2007 SEG Convention , San Antonio, September 2007

Modern and Ancient Clastic Shoreline Deposits, Willapa Bay Area, Washington, Sept 2006

Mississippian Carbonate Facies and Paleokarst, Belt Mountains, Montana, August 2004

Application & Interpretation of Converted Waves, November 2003

Mississippian Carbonate Facies & Paleokarst, Belt Mountains, Montana

ABCs of Consulting, December 2002

Entrepreneurship, December 2002

Career Assessment, November 2002

Career Mapping, November 2002

Marketing Yourself, November 2002

Leaders of the Future, JMW Consultants, April–October 2002

Foothills Research Project Annual Review for Sponsors, October 2002

2002 SEG Convention, Salt Lake City, October 2002

Emergency Response Training (Deputy Incident Commander) September, 2002

Emergency Response Drill, March 2002

ProAct Economic Analysis Course, October 2001

The Future Together, JMW Consultants, September–November, 2002

Pete Rose Economics Course, August 2001

Landmark Seisworks Course, May 2001

Emergency Response Drill, April 2001

2000 SEG Convention, Calgary, August 2000

GeoCanada 2000 Convention, Calgary, May 2000

Native Awareness, August 1999, Robert Laboucane

How to Supervise People, June 1999, Fred Pryor

1998 SEG Convention, September 1998

1997 SEG Convention, November 1997

GEOSTAT Course, April 1996, Hampson-Russell

1995 SEG Convention, October 1995

Landmark 3D Seisworks, June 1995, Exploration Innovations

Geoquest IESX, May 1995, Schlumberger

Reservoir Geophysics, May 1994, SEG

H2S Alive, May 1994, Alberta Government

1993 SEG Convention, September 1993

Consulting Skills, July 1993, Novations

WordPerfect, March 1993, MicroAge

1992 AAPG Convention, June 1992

Shear Waves, May 1992, IHRDC

Geoquest IES Workstation, April 1992, Geoquest

Excel, January 1992, MicroAge

1991 SEG Convention, November 1991

Windows 3.0, November 1991, Home Oil

Clastic Sequences Field Trip (Wyoming), September 1991, Jackalope Consultants

DMO and Migration, May 1991, Dr. John Bancroft

Shear Waves, March 1991, Dr. Rob Stewart

STRATA Inversions, March 1991, Hampson-Russell

DMO Processing, August 1990, SEG

GMA LOGM Course, July 1990, Geophysical Microcomputer Applications

AVO Interpretation, May 1990, Comp-Ex

AVO Analysis, April 1990, Hampson-Russell

1989 SEG Convention, September 1989

Clastic Sequences Field Trip (Written-On-Stone), July 1989, Home Oil

Exploration Contouring, June 1989, Eric Dahlberg

Core Analysis, April 1989, AGAT Laboratories

W.H.M.I.S. Course, March 1989, Home Oil

Communication Skills, February 1989, Mavis Marteinson

GMA STRAT Course, October 1988, Geophysical Microcomputer Applications

Vertical Seismic Profiling, July 1988, SEG

Business Economic Evaluation, June 1988, Home Oil

Carbonates Facies Analysis, May 1988, Home Oil

Seismic Inversion, December 1987, Hampson-Russell

Hydrogen Sulphide Certification, November 1987, Alberta Government

3D Seismic Collection, Processing and Modelling, March 1987, SEG

Seismic Wavelet Analysis and Stratigraphic Interpretation, December 1986, Geoquest

Geochemistry and Basin Analysis, July 1984, Texaco

Vibroseis Acquisition, October 1983, Pelton

The Seismic Interpreter, October 1983, Nigel Anstey

Introductory Geophysics, June 1983, Texaco

Basic Log Analysis, October 1982, Texaco

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