Doug Uffen, President of Reflection Peak, received the following awards:

  • Received the Best Geophysical Paper Award at the 1994 CSPG / CSEG joint convention for the oral paper, “ Swan Hills Unit #1 : Adding Value with Seismic Through Reservoir Delineation and Characterization “.
  • Received the CSEG Best Paper Award in 1995 for a co-authored, co-presented version of this paper
  • Received from the SEG, Honorable Mention for Best Paper in 1997 as a co-author of an oral paper presented by Don Lawton, “ Using 3C-3D Seismic Data to Delineate a Sandstone Reservoir, Alberta, Canada ”.
  • Received a Meritorious Service Award from the CSEG in 1999 for his dedication to the science of geophysics.
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